5 reasons companies should be using inbound marketing

Inbound marketing has been a buzzword for some years now and you might have noticed that in the recent years lots of companies have been putting more focus into this mysterious term. so what’s inbound marketing all about?

 Inbound vs. outbound

Sales and marketing have changed drastically over the years, and the biggest change is the customers purchase patterns. Customers these days will rather do their own research than talking with a salesperson for all the information. Based on this change marketing and sales needs to change the way they work with their customers. This is where we’ll start looking at the “pro’s” with inbound marketing versus the traditional outbound marketing.


Based on the changes we see in our customers  we need to stop push-marketing and instead pull customers our way. Earlier when outbound were the only choice marketers pushed ads in the face of everyone throughout Tv, billboards etc. The problem with this kind of marketing is the lack of segmentation and tracking at. The ability to track, analyze and segmenting your ads is the main reason to start focusing on your inbound marketing.

With inbound marketing you get fantastic ways of tracking your posts, lots of segmentation tools and the ability to personalize your content. As you might understand there is numerous reasons to why companies should start using inbound marketing, but here’s my “top” five:

1. Tracking and analyzing

As i already mentioned inbound marketing opens up for tracking and analyzing your ads. This gives you the opportunity to actually see what’s working and implement A/B-testing. Test out different posts to see what gives the most clicks, leads and conversions. Based on the numbers you get you’ll be given the opportunity to calculate the return of investement (ROI) and return of ad spend if you paid for ad spots (ROA).

2. Cost efficiency

Buying spots or time in the outbound channels will cost you a fortune. With inbound marketing through emails, blogs, social media etc. it’s possible to create good content without even spending a buck. Creating educating and high quality content does not mean spending a lot of money and you can get a lot of exposure for free.

3. Buyers interest

As i said content has a lot to say for your inbound marketing and if done right your traffic will increase just as your number of leads will increase.

4. Boosting your presence on Social media

Adding a social media menu to your posts, emails and sites will boost your presence on social media. This will make it easier to communicate with your customers and keep a good relation with continously conversations.

5. Automation

This might be the best part about inbound marketing. Why should you go out looking for customers, trying to sell them your product. When you can just sit back and wait for them coming to you? With a good inbound strategy i’ll promise you your business life will get a lot easier.


Here you can see the buyers journey from strangers to promoters. If you want to learn more about it i recommend checking this out: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/what-is-the-buyers-journey#sm.0001bznsxwfm3ewlqgb1tt069frq2



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